Before diving
Before diving

Before diving

A sad story that took the world for few weeks and maybe a tragedy that keep repeating in our daily lives. This whole event made people wonder «why did they engage in this expedition, when the safety measures weren’t clearly met?».

This does echoes with the expedition that we are to engage one day in the depth of our own being. Indeed before scouring the limitless bottom of our self, we might as well check if we have the proper tools, the robust enough gear to dive in, without which the intense pressure might do more harm than good.

The same can be said for those seekers of the non-self : do you have the prerequisite to dive in and explore this baffling world ? Let me tell you that without having build up your self, you cannot deconstruct it let alone realize its true nature. I have no doubt whatsoever about this fact, as much as my lost soul learned it the hard way.

The question now is to ask : how do i get these tools to do this leap of faith into a potential abyss of darkness and maybe…light ?

So many fear the exploration and stay only at surface levels but how can we blame them when they are not given the proper tools for ?

The trip is definitely worth the preparation as the wonders are there only laying to be found and thoroughly enjoyed, this despite all the lack of light.

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